Honda's 65HP Jet Drive is the best choice for navigating aluminum fishing boats and bay boats in shallow waters. Proven Honda engineering like 4 to 4 induction insures quicker acceleration and much smoother running.

4-Stroke OHC 4 Cylinders
1590 cc (97 cubic inches)
Bore & Stroke
75 x 90 mm (3.00 x 3.50 inches)
Full Throttle RPM Range
5000-6000 RPM
HP Rating @ Propshaft
90HP @ 5500 RPM
Induction Scavenging
Valves per Cylinder
Fuel Delivery
4 Venturi
Ignition System
Digital CDI
Starting System
Wet Sump
Cooling System
Water Cooled
16 Amps (202 Watts)
Trim Range
-4° to +12°
Tilt Range
Recommended Transom Height
(X) 635 mm/25 inches


Honda Legendary Reliability
Based on the Honda Civic Automobile, the BF65 retain all the engineering excellence, low operational costs and proven durability of Civic heritage. Millions upon millions of trouble-free miles have been put on the Civic since the early 90's in the USA.
4 to 4 Induction
A fuel-efficient 4-cylinder, 4-carburetor design utilizes one carburetor per cylinder. Fuel/air mixture has a shorter path to travel into the combustion chamber. This compact design is more responsive than one large throttle body and long intake runner.
The result-smooth, quiet operation, along with instant throttle response and performance.
Torsion Dampener
Sometimes called a flywheel, it is located near the base of the powerhead. This design lowers the center of gravity for improved handling and hull maneuverability.
Improves handling and hull maneuverability.
Top Mounted Electronics
Alternators, ignition and other critical electrical components mounted near the top of the powerhead to stay cool and dry.
SOHC 3 Valve Design
A powerful 1.6-liter utilizes a single overhead cam, along with a 3-valve design. Two intake valves deliver the fuel/air charge to optimize combustion efficiency! The result is maximum torque and power.
High Output Charging
16 Amps ensure that battery charge is maintained while operating electronics and other accessories.
Positive Lubrication
A crankshaft-driven, automotive-style trochoid oil pump ensures critical engine component long-term durability.
Engine Alert System  
Uses visual, audio and RPM reduction circuits to alert the operator of overheating, low oil PSI and over-revving, preventing engine damage.
Sealed Starter
The starter motor is inverted into a sealed chamber that protects the starter bendix drive from the elements.
Non-Linear Mounting System
Patented non-linear rubber mounts provide smoother operation at all engine speeds.
Forced Air Ventilation
Unique air intake on the top of the cowl allows cooler air to enter and warmer air to escape. The ventilation system reduces under-the-hood operating temperature, improving performance and long-term durability of the electrical components.
Corrosion Protection System
A patented, "Double Sealed" multi-layered paint process. Sacrificial anodes and stainless steel technology, along with waterproof connectors, all enhance corrosion protection.
Fresh Water Flushport
Flushes debris and saltwater out of the engine, extending the life of the outboard.
Easy Maintenance
Easy "screw-type" valve adjuster system requires no shims and reduces maintenance costs. Front-mounted oil filter and oil filler make for easy maintenance.
Digital CD Ignition
A reliable microprocessor accurately controls ignition timing during start-up and across the entire RPM range, providing optimum overall operation.
Tiller Model Available
All controls at your fingertips.
Ultra Low 3 Star Carb Emissions
Environmentally friendly technology.

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